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Rich and creamy super-fruit face cream is an anti-aging powerhouse that will keep your skin supple and dewy.  It works to dramatically lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles, increase firmness and make your complexion healthy and vibrant.  For all skin types. Free of detergents, chemical preservatives, synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances. This magic formula is finished off with rosemary essential oil to speed up skin repair. 

Ingredients: Shea Butter*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Aloe-Vera Oil*, Rosemary Essential Oil*  * Certified Organic 

Directions for use: Pat face lightly with water & take a pearl sized amount with clean fingers and apply gently to a cleansed face, applying the cream lightly unto face. After the cream melts on your skin, dab lightly around the eyes. Because we do not add water this cream is a great value and is long lasting. Do not apply like conventional creams, a very small size is sufficient to hydrate the skin! 

Shelf Life: 10 Months from the date of purchase

Size: 2 oz


IMPORTANT: During the SUMMER months or in HOTTER climates, please choose Summer Shipping to your order to keep the item cooler during transit.  


Organic Rosehip Seed Oil creates cell renewal with more collagen and elastin in the new cells! Rosehip Seed Oil is also responsible for reducing hyper-pigmentation, protects from UV damage and heals mild burns, erases age spots, acne scars and stretch marks! This oil is also credited by the science community with reducing lines and wrinkles, and protecting from premature skin aging. This amazing face oil is fast absorbing and is great for all skin types. Rosehip seed oil is grown wild in Chile and has been used by the native people for centuries!

Organic Jojoba Oil Jojoba oil rejuvenates your skin and promotes new cell growth. Your skin rapidly absorbs the oil making it soft and youthful. It restores skin suppleness and promotes skin elasticity. 

Organic Pomegranate seed oil is full of antioxidants and acts as one of the best natural skin moisturizers. It fades wrinkles and fine lines, improves skin elasticity and gives it a healthy glow. 

Organic Aloe Vera Oil (Infusion) the benefits of Aloe Vera has long been celebrated for its anti-aging properties! The ancient Egyptians have called it the "plant of immortality" and with good reason! Aloe Vera treats sunburns, moisturizes, treats acne, fights acne & lessens the visibility of stretch marks. Aloe Vera contains over 75 different nutrients! 

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil tones and firms the skin. The circulatory benefits of rosemary lead to an improved complexion, allowing nutrients to effectively reach the skin.

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  • 5
    This ihe best cream I have ever used. My skin stopped aging since I started using this about 3 years ago. Will never go back to any other cream

    Posted by Aneta on 12th Oct 2018

    The best cream ever

  • 5

    Posted by Elvira Stark on 15th Jul 2017

    This face cream is one of the best I've ever had! It really nourishes the dry areas of my face and my skin feels smooth and hydrated. It is a bit on the heavier side for me as a day cream so I use it at night. Not only do I love what it does to my skin but the ingredients is great. I have been looking for a skin care line that doesn't have chemicals or other toxic ingredients and I've found it!

  • 5
    Works Great & I am 79~!

    Posted by Anne Fields on 25th Sep 2016

    This words well for me & I do NOT have to put anything under it ~! Most face creams require an Oil placed under it to work on Old dry faces! this Does Not~!

  • 5
    My Go-To Night Cream

    Posted by Kristen on 24th Sep 2016

    I have been using this face cream at night for a couple of years. It is very hydrating, and smells amazing. The ingredients are clean and safe, like all Bella Organics products. I live in hot, humid Florida, so I do not use it during the day under makeup. But, for someone with drier skin it might work. It definitely lasts - a little goes a long way!

  • 5
    A face creme I actually look forward to applying!

    Posted by Rayna Kokich on 6th May 2016

    I love this face creme. I have the tendency to buy face creme a but never routinely put them on because I have sensitive skin and they always seem to bother me in some way.

    This face creme is great. I feel like I can finally give my facial skin the hydration and moisture it needs.

    It smells great. I first ordered the trial size cause I was skeptical but after using it for Just a couple days, I felt like my skin seemed less blotchy so I quickly ordered the large one!

    I keep the small one in my purse and the large one in the fridge.

  • 5
    Don't need any other

    Posted by Maria on 11th Mar 2016

    My face skin is combination/oily and this face cream along with the cleanser keeps my face soft and hydrated without the excess oil I usually have! And it lasts me a good 10 months! I use it daily. My sister in laws now ask me to order some for them.

  • 5
    no more dry patches on face while doing chemo!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Feb 2016

    I've been using this product, plus the eye serum, hydrating cream, and mud mask during chemo treatments. My face was getting dry patches from all the toxicity of chemo in my body, yikes!! All the products above alleviated the problem, plus the mud masks helps to draw out the toxins. I know healthy skin also thrives with a healthy diet, so I've also been doing many integrated therapies, all the greens, alkaline water, detoxing, etc. etc. (that's another story, lol)... but it's all the regimen above that brought my skin back to how it was prior to treatment. Thank you so much for such quality, affordable, wonderful products!!!

  • 4
    Great face cream

    Posted by Nancy Bullock on 19th Feb 2016

    I have been purchasing this face cream for over two years now and is the only moisturizer I use on my face. I've bought it for so many family members, they also only use this product.

    My one complaint is that depending on the time of year you order this product, the consistency changes. If it comes in the winter months, the cream is a little harder, as opposed to any other time of year when it's a smooth cream. I live in California, so my winter is not a real winter, and I always order it with the ice pack in the summer. I love this product either way, but I prefer the smooth cream.

  • 5
    Best Face Cream Ever!

    Posted by Rosa on 9th Feb 2016

    This is my favorite night time face cream. It doesn't feel greasy and I wake up looking less wrinkled in the AM!
    It smells great and I trust the product ingredients.